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Meal Plan

Organic De-Tox Soup Sampler

12 delicious soups – choose any 12 choices
4 pints of De-Tox Potassium Broth
2 pints of healthy salad dressings

Total Cost including shipping and handling
Only …..$ 149.00
Florida residents' special price…..$ 129.00

*Plus UPS Charge

Two-Week Meal Plan (Our Best Value)

14 healthy soups
14 delicious entrees
2 pints of our famous salad dressing

2 Detox Potassium Broth
Only….. $ 279.00
Florida residents' special price…. $ 259.00

*Plus UPS Charge

Organic De-Tox Soup Bundle

30 fantastic soups – your choice

Total cost including shipping and handling
Only….$ 239.00
Florida residents' special price…. $ 219.00

*Plus UPS Charge

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