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Organic Juicing Menu


We do our best to use only organic ingredients, preferably locally grown for your juicing pleasure. Please understand our policy is “if you are juicing, you will not be eating” at the same time.



___ Breakfast Smoothie – blueberry, pineapple, strawberry, kale, spinach, Chia seed, unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon and ice


Breakfast, Lunch, Mid-Day and Dinner Options


___ Chef John’s Energy Drink – carrot, beet, green apple and celery

___ The Sea Downs Cocktail – romaine, celery, carrot and apple

___ Anti-Gingivitis – celery, spinach, yellow squash, broccoli and garlic

___ Power Juice – kale, green grapes, cucumber, green apple

___ Green Tranquility – romaine, spinach, celery, cucumber, kale, sunflower sprouts and garlic

­­___ Citrus Liver Purge – grapefruit, orange and lime juices

___ Lung Relaxer – kale, celery, alfalfa sprouts, parsley, garlic and lemon

___ Beautiful Body – zucchini, red cabbage, apple, kale, blueberries and cucumber

___ Blood Pressure – tomato, beet, carrot, celery, radish, peppers and kale

___ Liver Vitality – carrot, beet, parsley, ginger, and lemon juice

___ Arthritis Soother – carrot, celery, apple, broccoli, asparagus, parsley and olive oil

___ Kidney Cleanse – watermelon, blueberry, lime, basil, a dash of cayenne

___ Complexion Cleanser – carrot, apple, broccoli, blueberry and tomato

___ Stress Reliever – tomato, celery, cucumber, carrot, pepper, spinach, parsley


A La Carte Juice - $7.95


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