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The Organic De-Tox Soup Diet

Created by Chef John B. Nowakowski, author of best selling cookbook Vegetarian Magic. After 30 years of experience as a health spa and resorts chef, Chef John has created a line of delicious organic vegan soups. These weight-loss designed soups are much lower in sodium and fat than traditional soups.

Only organic, GMO-free ingredients are used and these soups can be shipped fresh frozen to you door step! We only use fresh herbs and non-irradiated spices in our recipes. Most soup recipes are also gluten-free.

If your goal is weight-loss, simply have one of Chef John’s soups and a salad for lunch and for dinner and you will be well on your way to better health and vitality. Having trouble finding a good healthy salad dressing? Look no farther that the bottom of this page. Chef John has created some zesty salad dressings for your journey to optimum health. If you are trying to reduce your cholesterol or need help with your diet, do not wait…. CALL 954-439-0761 to place an order and speak directly with Chef John about your needs.

                            The De-Tox Soup Menu   

Golden Miso Soup

Black Bean with Cilantro
Corn & Red Quinoa Chowder

Cream of Broccoli with Cheddar
Creamy Sweet Potato with Corn & Kale
Curried Lentil
Fabulous Five Bean
Garden Vegetable
Minestrone with gluten-free pasta
Mushroom Barley
Split Pea with Dill
White Bean Escarole​

Healthy Salad Dressings

Chef John’s Famous Tahini Dressing
Peanut Butter Sesame Dressing
Organic Agave Mustard Dressing






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